Prepared Human Histology Slides, set of 100


A set of 100 high-quality prepared slides showcasing human histology.

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  • A high-quality set of 100 prepared slides showcasing comprehensive human histology.
  • The set includes the following:
  • 100 ct. set – Human histology prepared microscope slides
S.N. Description
1.Epithelial tissue
HY010090 Simple columnar epithelium of Human sec.
HY010100 Simple cuboidal epithelium of Human sec.
HY010110 Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium of Human sec.
HY010120 Simple columnar ciliated epithelium of Human sec.
HY010130 Stratified squamous epithelium of Human sec.
HY010140 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of HumanW.M.
2.Connective tissue
HY020040 Blood of Human smear(RE )
HY020050 Blood of Human smear (stained with Giemsa)
HY020190 Loose connective tissue of Human sec.
HY020200 Adipose tissue of Human sec.
HY020210 Hyaline cartilage of Human sec.
HY020220 Fibrous cartilage of Human sec.
HY020230 Elastic cartilage of Human sec.
HY020270 Human bone grinding W.M.
HY020250 Hard bone of Human T.S.(thionin-picric acid staining)
HY020260 Hard bone of Human L.S.(thionin-picric acid staining)
HY020300 Finger(foot) of Human L.S.
HY020280 Red bone marrow of Human T.S.
HY020320 Blood (TYPEA.B.O) of human smear
HY020350 Human toe bone l.s.
HY020360 Human red bone marrow smear
3.Muscular tissue
HY030160 Smooth muscle islolated of Human sec.
HY030170 Skeletal muscle of Human T.S.and L.S.(hematoxylin staining)
HY030180 Skeletal muscle of Human T.S.and L.S.(HE)
HY030190 Skeletal muscle of Human L.S.(hematoxylin staining)
HY030200 Skeletal muscle islolated of Human W.M.
HY030210 Cardiac muscle of Human sec.(hematoxylin staining)
HY030220 Cardiac muscle of Human sec.(HE)
4.Nervous  system
HY040230 Spinal cord of Human T.S.
HY040260 Myelinated nerve fiber of Human T.S.and L.S.(HE)
HY040261 Myelinated nerve fiber of Human T.S.and L.S.(silver staining)
HY040270 Tactile corpuscle of Human sec.
HY040280 Lamellar corpuscle of Human sec.
HY040290 Cerebrum of Human sec.(silver staining)
HY040291 Cerebrum of Human sec.(HE)
HY040311 Cerebellum of Human sec.(HE)
HY040380 Cerebellum of Human sec.(silver staining)
5.Circulation system
HY050130 Heart of Human sec.
HY050140 Cardiac muscle of Human sec.
HY050150 Cardiac valve of Human sec.
HY050160 Human medium-sized artery and vein sec.
HY050170 Large artery of Human sec.
HY050180 Large vein of Human sec.
HY050190 Medium-sized artery and vein sec.(lichen-red stained)
HY050200 Human Heart sec.(showing Purkinje cell)
6.Immune system
HY060140 Lymphoid node of Human sec.
HY060150 Spleen of Human sec.
HY060160 Thymus of Human sec.
HY060170 Palatine tonsil of Human sec.
7.Endocrine system
HY070160 Thyroid gland of Human sec.
HY070140 Parathyroid gland of Human sec.
HY070180 Adrenal gland of Human sec.
HY070170 Human Pituitary sec.
8.Digestive system
HY080300 Liver of Human sec. (show bile canaliculus of liver)
HY080380 Human teeth grinding
HY080400 Tongue of Human L.S.(show intertal structure)
HY080410 Oesophagus of Human T.S.
HY080420 Stomach  of Human T.S.
HY080430 Gastric section of stomach of Human sec.
HY080440 Small intestine of Human T.S.
HY080440 Small intestine of Human L.S.
HY080450 Jejunum of Human sec.
HY080460 Duodenum of Human sec.
HY080470 Ileum of Human sec.
HY080480 Colon  of Human  sec.
HY080490 Vermiform appendix of Human sec.
HY080500 Large intestinal of Human L.S.
HY080510 Large intestinal of Human T.S.
HY080510 Parotid gland of Human sec.
HY080520 Submandibular gland of Human sec.
HY080530 Salivary gland of Human sec.
HY080560 Sublingual gland of Human sec.
HY080540 Liver of Human sec.
HY080610 Gall Bladder of human sec.
9.Respiratory system
HY090100 Trachea of Human T.S.
HY090110 Trachea of Human L.S.
HY090130 Human Lung sec.
HY090130 Epiglottic cartilage of Human sagittal section
10.Urinary system
HY100060 Urinary bladder of Human
HY100070 Kidney of Human sec.
HY100080 Ureter of Human T.S.
HY100090 Kidney of Human through renal cortex T.S.
11.Genital system
HY110310 Testis of Human sec.
HY110320 Spermatozoon of Human smear.
HY110330 Epididymis of Human sec.
HY110340 Prostate of Human sec.
HY110350 Ductus deferens of Human T.S.
HY110360 Glandula vesiculosa of Human sec.
HY110370 Penis of Human sec.(infant)
HY110380 Human Uterus(proliferative phase) sec.
HY110390 human Uterus(secretory phase) sec.
HY110400 Uterine cervix of Human sec.
HY110460 Uterus of Infant T.S.
HY110470 Umbilical cord of Fetus T.S.
HY110500 Ovary of human sec.
12.Sensory organs
HY120050 Human Eyelid sec.
HY120150 Skin of Human(show sweat gland) sec.
HY120160 Skin of Human(show hair follicle) sec.
HY120170 Skin of Human(show hair follicle) T.S.
HY120220 Hair of Human W.M.


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