Histology and Scanning Service Order Form

To request a histology or scanning service, submit the  order form below. Prices are listed below the form.

Histology Service Instructions:

Step 1 Create an account through our website and fill the form for your service under Histopathology Services. 

Step 2 Order Scanning or Histology Service on our Product Page found under Shop. 

Step 3 Please follow the steps to prepare your sample: 

  1.  Label the sample container with chemical resistant pen. 
  2. The maximum size of the tissue is 20 mm x 25 mm x 4 mm. 
  3. The volume of fixative should be 10-20 times of your sample (completely immersed in the solution). 
  4. Put your sample in either pre-filled histology containers with 10% formalin from Fisher or in a 50 ml conical centrifuge tube filled with 10% formalin. 

Step 4 Shipping: 

  1. Seal the container lid with parafilm to make sure there is no leak. 
  2. Put the sample container in a box with bubble wrap to make sure there is no damage during shipment. 

Step 5 After the order is received, we will review your order, you will be contacted only when there is a question about the order. You will receive an email once we start to work on your sample.

Scanning Price List

Histology Service Price List